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    Pram vs Stroller

    Pram and stroller are carriage you might want to consider buying when you are planning to bring your small children with you. Prams and strollers allow parents or guardians to carry infants and toddlers when walking around the park or strolling in the mall.


    Pram, short for the British word perambulator, is also known as baby carriage. Prams have carriages with soft flat bottom which allow you put your infants to sleep comfortably in lying position while you walk them around with you. They also have wide canopy, usually half covering the carriage, to protect the infants from the sun or dust. They also have wheels that allow you to easily push the carriage.


    Stroller is also known as push chair or buggy in British. Strollers are designed as chairs where a child can sit. The seats have restraint system consisting of harness, safety belt, and crotch strap that secures the infant in sitting position. They also have hoods or canopy for protection that protect the infants from weather and they also have wheels which make transporting very convenient.

    Difference between Pram and Stroller

    Pram and stroller are used interchangeably; however, their main difference is that prams are used to carry new born babies until they are able to sit up while strollers are used to carry toddlers or infants who are already able to sit up. Another significant difference between the two is prams are bulky and heavy which is not a good choice for child transport when going to the malls or when carrying them in the car while strollers are lightweight and most models of strollers are collapsible. Additionally, prams’ carriages are high while the strollers’ seats ride low to the ground.

    There are baby carriages that are hybrid of prams and strollers which are practical to buy as you will not have to change the carriage quickly as your child gets older. However, in choosing the best carriage, you should consider your child’s comfort.

    Pram vs Stroller

    • Prams, short for perambulator, have carriage with flat bottom which allow you to transport your new born babies in lying position

    • Strollers have seats with harness, safety belt and crotch strap which allow you sit in your toddlers securely

    • Prams are not convenient to bring around because they are bulky and heavy, unlike strollers that are lightweight

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