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    Planning your parenting journey means making decisions for your little one long before you even know if it will work for baby. Choosing a bouncer or rocker is one of these seemingly simple decisions that has many parents confounded at the getgo.

    Shop around a bit; you will find that there are simple bouncers and rockers; then there are the portable rockers and the swings that rock and/or bounce, bouncers that can convert into feeding chairs and fancier versions that have USB connection to your mobile devices.

    What suits you and your baby is often determined by budget and the caregiver. Are you alone at home with baby or do you have an abundance of hands to help you? Will baby be in their own room or is there enough space for the many items that babies need?

    In general a bouncer is used for a baby form newborn to 9kg. Rockers can usually be used until infancy or about 18kg. So, if you are looking for something more cost effective, the rocker is generally a better choice. Swings tend to have the 9kg limit too because many babies are sitting upright by 9kg and swings cant balance is lost once baby starts moving about. This becomes a hazard to baby.

    Some people purchase bouncers,rockers and swings for their babies to sleep in. While rockers can be viewed as nappers and , letting the little 1 sleep in a rocker or any surface that isn’t designed specifically for sleep is not a good idea. Everything from flat head and spinal curvature to asphyxia can be attributed to sleeping in these devices.

    If you are juggling baby duties, household chores, and other things all by yourself, a bouncer may be a great idea. It gives mum a chance to get to shower or cook while baby is occupied for a short while, knowing that baby is safe.  Similarly, rockers can assist with this as baby grows and becomes more demanding and busy. Many mums take baby into the bathroom in their bouncer or rocker within sight so them so that they can have that much needed shower.

    Where many hands are available, there are still those times when you need to have baby independently happy while you carry on with your day to day activities. This could be just getting through a family meal. Having a portable rocker means that if you are often out and about, you have this advantage wherever you go.

    Swings are used to clam babies. They provide more than just the mild vibration, rocking , music that rockers and bouncers may offer. The swing motion makes baby sleepy and along with the white noise or comforting tunes, it helps to relax baby. Swings are generally bulkier than bouncers and rockers and babies should not be allowed to sleep in them. If baby does fall asleep in the swing , they should be gently moved to a crib for safe sleeping.

    There are other options when it comes to bouncers, rockers and swings. If you are short on funds or space in your apartment  and find a product that can double as feeding chair or another essential item, then you may have a winner. Those that have extra features such as night lights or USB connection tend to be more expensive.  Where you have very specific sounds and sights you would like to familarise your child with or your child has special needs, these could be great!

    So don’t purchase what seems to be the best product on the market , purchase the best product for you and your baby. Everything will work, make it work for you, your baby and your budget.



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